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Somerset Leveller Piece
July 26, 2018
Contact: Myriam Kniveton

Somerset Leveller Piece


What Does Brexit Mean for Somerset?

As you read this, the United Kingdom is less than 8 months away from formally resigning its 45-year long membership of the European Union, arguably the most momentous step taken by the country since we joined the then EEC, back in 1973.

The House of Commons is due to have a ‘meaningful’ vote on the UK’s finalBrexit proposals in late October, and – whatever reception these proposals receive from the 27 other EU members - under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty( ironically, drafted by a British diplomat, Lord Kerr of Kinlochard ), the UK is on course, officially, to leave the European Union at 23:00 GMT on 29th March 2019.

In the more than 2 years that have elapsed since the Referendum, perhaps the only thing that the country can agree on is that there has been much more heat than light about what Brexit represents and what it will mean for Britain’s future. Emotion, confusion & ambiguity have ‘trumped’ fact, understanding & clarity.

How many of us are entirely clear about what Brexit actually means? Are we any clearer about what impact Brexit will have on our lives and prospects?

To help the people of Somerset understand how the Brexit process is already beginning to impact our lives & our futures, the European Movement’s Mendip Branch is staging 4 public meetings, on consecutive Friday evenings in September. Each meeting will examine the practical effects of Brexit on a vital segment of life in Somerset ...

  • On Health & Social Care ( 7th September )
  • At St. Peter’s Church, Shepton Mallet
  • On Agriculture, Food & Our Environment (14th September)
  • At The Town Hall, Glastonbury
  • On Tourism, the Arts, & Hospitality ( 21st September )
  • At The Hubnub Centre, Frome
  • On What It All Means for Somerset ( 28th September )
  • At St. Cuthbert’s Church, Wells

Each event will feature a panel of local people who - day-to-day - are directly involved in the various sectors being put under the microscope. Amongst the panelists taking part are Anthony Gibson, NFU’s Southwest Director, Ralph Lister, Chief Executive of Take Art and Richard Clothier, Managing Director ofWyke Farms Ltd..

The format is that each panelist will speak briefly about what impact Brexit has and will have on the work they do, after which a Moderator will invite questions from the audience.

These events offer a rare opportunity to find out what Brexit really means in practice, from those at the sharp end


The impact series will conclude, on 28th September, with a round-up panel discussion involving local MPs and southwest MEPs.

The purpose of these Impact Events is not to argue For or Against Brexit: instead, each meeting will examine actual examples of Brexit’s impact on Somerset lives & Somerset’s future. Most importantly, the events will provide an opportunity for the people of Somerset to raise questions that concern us personally about Brexit.

The meetings will begin at 7 pm. All are open to the public and are free-of- charge. Further details, including details of the panelists and moderators for each meeting, are available from European Movement Mendip Branch.

Make a date to join us for some or all of these events. However you voted in theReferendum, whatever your feelings about Brexit, whatever happens in the coming 8 months ... we are all affected by a process whose consequences are already becoming apparent.

Details of all events are available from:
European Movement Mendip Branch


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